Underlying Fear

Is fear innate or learned? Quite frankly, it’s both. However, there is a significance towards the difference between innate and learned fear as they’re incomplete parts alone. Is fear simply something that we as individuals find unpleasant? Fear is innate in the sense that we find it correct in our biology avoid danger; the sensation to escape danger is in our biology. A danger is obviously the clear-cut factor into why we fear things. We as individuals tend to easily define what danger is and we try our best to eliminate things that exhibit that danger.
How do we avoid the fear that we individually cannot control? Eliminating that danger implicitly mean that we’re controlling another individual’s ability to demonstrate individualism. Fear of danger is now relevant to the fear of other individuals. What convinces an individual succumb to the level of denying individualistic rights from others? This is a fear; this is the fear of control.
The fear of individuals comes from the unwillingness of losing a piece of individuality: family, religion, health, etc. Nonetheless, fear is socially derived from the dangers of individuals expressing their individuality. Murder, rape, terrorism, and other cynical acts make it seem like control is a necessity. This is the fear that causes individuals to control other individuals. People tend to miss the possibility that the control of other individuals is able to cause the controlled to fear. We’ve essentially created a new sense of fear through the establishment of control. Then what if some individuals don’t like the control because it’s too oppressing? Is the control that was previously used to bring security justified? There’s always going to be violence and there’s always going to be individuals willingly enough to pose danger to our wellbeings.
Is control good? That’s subjective to each and every individual. Someone wins and someone loses. There is no underlying in-between of it. I honestly think that fear and control are both good in that as long as it benefits the majority and not the loud minority. Control can easily be irrelevant and are not always justified.
The fear of control leads to anarchy and revolution. This is why I think events like the French Revolution and the American revolution, though not the greatest examples, are pieces that reflect the inevitable cycle of humanity and the degree of success of resisting control. Control is obviously not always a representation of the loud minority. This causes control to almost seem weak and fade away due to individuality seemingly overpowering it through war and force. This new individuality will define what new fear is and create a new control for such new fear. Consequently, the cycle of fear and control continues.
Control prevents us from attaining our individuality. The fear of individuality causes others to control. What causes this fear and animosity against individuality? Honestly, many factors such as history, background, legacy, social conditions, media, and what I think is the most important, education are what nurtures this fear against individuality. Nonetheless, there is no perfect way to mediate differences in individuals. There is no perfect method to solving the debate over gun control. Tests of knowledge and safety are not going to stop individuals from killing others. Banning guns are not going to stop individuals from killing others. Being in the position of both sides will lead to turmoil and allow an opportunity for others to decide.
There is no perfect world that has no fear in it because it’s impossible to disregard fear as a human emotion. The best that we can do is try to understand the fear and why individuals fear things. As long as we are able to broaden our perspectives of the fear of others, we can at least have some joy looking at the impact of fear.

From Discipline to Humility to Determination, My Journey.

Am I washed up? Am I too weak? I’m not and I’ll prove myself. About a month ago I was assigned to this “Innovation Project” which would include myself trying to do something talk-worthy-of. And so I went on to think about what I’m going to attempt doing for the next four to three weeks. I came to the decision to finally finish what I had started a three year ago. Back in my earlier years, I use do martial arts with my father until I broke his right hand by accident. During those years, I would spar and compete with others around my level in open tournaments. But what I started was my journey on the course of what every martial arts student would want— a black belt. I stopped climbing and essentially dropped the towel. And now I’m back to where I started.

1bc3525d072d7c8c898ad6e6c21c52ddMy original intentions were to just simply go in there and teach the new students because coincidentally their belt testing was also coming up in about two weeks. My first day back in one year, yet the most shocking experience was to happen. I came in greeted by both familiar and unfamiliar faces; I met with those who have never met me and those who I had respected. Honestly, the first day had impacted me the most. I decided to spend three hours regrettably and that left me in sore, broken, and weak.

I came in here with the mindset of essentially steamrolling through the tasks and topple down my mission. After the first hour, I, unfortunately, cramped my both of my legs and was struggling to even stretch it back. But I didn’t want to give up. I didn’t want to lose and be behind those that once looked up it to me. Despite going so hard, I was determined to go the next day and the day after that. But what really opened my eyes was the heart-to-heart talk I had with the owner and master. I’ll summarize it in a sense that we shouldn’t overstep ourselves and to the extent that we lose the experiences we’ll gain. Even though it’s about where we end up, what also matters is our journey. I shouldn’t rush my learning or better yet, rush life. Every step matters.

The reason why I left was because I no longer had that fire that was once filled by my ambition to become stronger. I felt as though as I just lost too much interest to strive any further. I’m a quitter. Bear Bryant once said to “never quit. It is the easiest cop-out in the world. Set a goal and don’t quit until you attain it. When you do attain it, set another goal, and don’t quit until you reach it. Never quit.” We can’t stop and drop. If we quit something now then all we’ll learn is to quit things in the future. I’m not a quitter anymore.

I know what my real project is now. In a sense, I’ve both failed and succeeded in understanding what I need to do. This class might be over, but my project has just started.


I Forgive You.

This person has wrong in the worst possible way. This person has discouraged me, brought me down, and even cursed me. Now in their moments of reconciliation, I forgive and yet I don’t even know why myself. Why am I obliged to forgive? Why do is it just correct for me to forget what this person has done and just let it go beneath me? It merely doesn’t make sense.

Our ability to be just is the strongest strength to mankind. We forgive because it’s our test of humanity. I forgive evil for being evil. I forgive terror for being terror. Without forgiveness there would be war and hatred. This is something that our history tends to forget. When we reference to late history during the consequent end of World War I, we can now easily recognize the wrongdoings of the European’s decision of German reparation. And this hatred would evidently lead up to the power reign of Adolf Hitler and rise of World War II.

Besides the fact that history is plagued by human weakness, it’s honestly evident in social media. When we look at comic book hero Batman, he clearly represents this concept of forgiveness. An incident is when Batman has to ability to eliminate the man who made him who he is. For those of you who don’t know Batman’s background, at a youth age (varies) his parents were murdered which ultimately destroyed his child innocence and now he spends the rest of his life fighting the same criminals that brought him on abyss’ door steps. In the video, Batman clearly shows the restraint and forgiving quality to hold back his emotions and do what is justified. Why should man be given the right to take another’s life? Another serious case with Batman is his attitude towards the Joker. In the movie, “Under the Red Hood,” Robin (Jason Todd) is killed by the Joker and instead of Batman taking his wrath on Joker, he has to restrain himself. His subsequent reason was that if he stooped to deepest vengeance and kill Joker then can never be the same person he once was.
I think we should all have a piece of the character that Batman holds. We should forgive others for their wrongdoings. If we’re going to yield a grudge and someday enact vengeance then how different are we from the person that did us wrong? Are we trying to prove something by doing so? If we want to be stronger than them then we have to be good. Be just.

The Brawl— A Cunning Battlefield of Wits

The brawl was developed to essentially to compare the analytical qualities and on-the-spot refutes among those associated. It would be composed of multiple questions that were developed by students, but there was one thing that made this different from most debates was that it required a sense of group collaboration. Honestly, getting up in front of a crowd and just speaking is probably ONE of my weakest qualities as a learner. It’s evidently been the same scenario for the past several years; stage jitters always got the better of me.

We were given various questions that were inevitably relating to “All Quiet on the Western Front” and were, of course, open-ended. Each question honestly could all be consulted and analyzed so radically different regarding someone’s ideology, religion, and morality. This would ultimately lead cause some disputes among my group specifically due to our views toward the questions were clearly opposites. I think on my part that I was too passive to put my thoughts in initially which probably lead to some confusion. However, no one was right. We ended up making our own outlines for each question and our final product was so distinctly different.

Honestly, everything could have gone well on our part if we didn’t receive a point deduction (due to us not seeing that a question had been replaced thus was unanswerable on our part). Even though I didn’t participate in the first half of the brawl, our claim was still pretty solid overall. One major thing that occurred was that I think one member choked and kinda made his statement unclear to the audience. I think underconfidence and unpreparedness got the better of our group members which prompted defeat. But hey, what’s in the past is in the past. I did however featured in the second half of the brawl, and for my part I think I made my point clear to the audience. I wasn’t really able to refute or dissect the opposing group’s piece which was kinda bad. One thing that I really peeved me during the second brawl was that my group was not able to grasp the idea of comparing the question to another problem and comparing the answer to a solution to that problem. I legit spent about four hours overhauling the questions so that we could fulfill the minimum requirements. I think this contribution was the most crucial part of our brawl.

The brawl itself was hit-or-miss. Some debates were kinda iffy to the extent that we had a mixture of groups that presented great arguments and some that were not so good (which often lead to some one-sided points). I think that the brawl didn’t capture the point that it was suppose to give to the class. It was heated or exciting as I anticipated. People often had similar ideas and answers which promoted an awkward period of people agreeing to what the other group was saying. I imagined the brawl to be more time lengthy and more book-focused. Each brawl, to be honest, had a potential to be a great open discussion for the class. Overall, the brawl was alright.


A Trip of Experience

I began blogging around the month of September and honestly I had no idea what to write about. Is this topic really interesting enough to be posted on the internet? I initially started blogging about a video game content, but charitable didn’t seem very enticing to me. Something needed to happen. That’s when I started to blog about very distinct characteristics that make the person who I am. I once felt as though as I had sunk into my own void and could never reach sanity again. Once an individual has understood their own flaws, once that person reaches the epitome of universal knowledge then only and only then can they expose themselves to human virtue.

I knew I wasn’t the only person in this hell of a world to have felt deepest guilt and failures. We’re equally indifferent and yet similar. In order to feel greatest happiness, one has to stoop to the deepest despair. This is why I chose to blog, this is why I chose to blog. People need realization. As there is evil in this world, People need to be brought back to the goodness of this life.

But I’m not an expert; my answers aren’t valid. I don’t cite any evidence to my answers anywhere in my blogs. The real answers come from within. Going back to the point that we’re all different, my answers are from all from me. A problem does not have simply just one answer, there are multiple variables and decisions to be established. We aren’t linear, we’re human.

I hope humanity can understand the concept human life and reform itself. But sometimes we have to understand that even with all this discrimination, war and hatred there are still greatness. We aren’t always given the perfect moment in life. But we have a choice to take that moment and perfect it to our greatest ability. We aren’t perfect nor will we ever will be. This is something that we all must comply to. My journey through this year has been emphasized on the pursuit of perfection through content, grades, and expectations. I think blogging has not only been a series of sharing my thoughts, but it allows me to learn more of the person that I am.

There is crying in science. That’s okay.

The ability to shed tears and cry is prevalent to all human beings. We are no exceptions. And yet, there are some individuals that have the audacity to blatantly criticize other people for expressing their emotions. This is wrong. In the end, we are all humans. I’m sure we’ve all been in the moment of feeling nothingness in our lives— to which our emotions are uncontrollable. I can relate to being a victim of embarrassment, shame, and human sensibility which is why I find this post more than a post. Regardless, the author of this blog post brilliantly shares her remarks on what we refer to as crying.

God’s Gift— The Manifestation of True Love


I was recently allowed to give a presentation in class about a prospect of something significant to learning in the novel, “The Count of Monte Cristo.” And when I began reading this novel (sometime around like a month ago), I couldn’t help but admire the strengths of the protagonist and feel detestation towards the antagonist(s). One of the incidents that occurred in the novel was when the protagonist was confronted by his former beloved in an attempt to bring back the protagonist from the pool of vengeance. This moment of time, in my perspective, was the most eye watering scenes throughout the novel. The emotional atmosphere was powerful and overwhelming. I could see the immense strength of love dwelling between these once fated couple. This is what made me examine “True Love.”

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One Step At A Time— Our Obstacles

This isn't even my final form. Mario, I am your true obstacle.

This isn’t even my final form. Mario, I am your true obstacle.

The things that currently occur our in lives feel elongated and overwhelming, but as Lao Tzu delineates it, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” So many people can perceive that the pressure of what lies ahead in the future and yet in only applies in few scenarios in life. But when that moment reaches us, when that certain particular moment devours and consumes our mental stability until all is left bare, we lose. We are ultimately vanquished when we surrender ourselves to our own obstacles. As Michael Jordan interprets it, “If [we] are trying to achieve [something], there will be roadblocks.” However, “if [we] run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. [We] have to figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

“So much homework and obligations to do each day,” says a mutual friend on social media. Teachers, high school students are at the time of their life to start deciding what they’d wish to accomplish in their future. Not only does a single class give out at least an hour of homework each day, but we have six of them. Sometimes we’re lucky and other times we’re not. Figure this, there is a total of twenty-four hours in a day. Humans need at least five to eight hours of sleep each day. To accumulate as well, we spend about six and a half hours at school already. That’s easily giving students about three and a half hours of eating, napping, playing sports, showering, and hanging out with friends. This is the obstacle of a student.

Teachers are supposed to be our role models, not our enemies. How are we suppose to respect the teacher’s authority if we’re constantly despising the spoils we receive after class (aka homework)? I seriously love the teachers I have this year— the majority of my teachers, but I feel as though that homework and tests ruin the chill environment established by their easy-going personality. Our time is now, things won’t get better by leaving them unchanged.